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Workshop description:

How would you like to engage your employees, promote your corporate culture, and encourage ongoing employee learning?

The Kalap workshop can achieve exactly that for your company. Kalap will increase your staff knowledge on subjects you would like them to read more about while using your own company as example.

We use books like The Lean Manager and The Goal, which are considered bestsellers in the manufacturing sector, and make them available for your staff to read and learn.

Participants will be required to read sections of these books every week and discuss them during interactive sessions.

The Kalap educational workshop is presented in half-day sessions run once a week. The learning sessions will be.
  • Knowledge. Employees will be exposed to new ideas and subjects.
  • Motivation. These exercises have a proven record of accomplishment in motivating employees to try new methodologies.
  • Teamwork. The workshop increases collaboration among employees within the organization.
  • Building stronger corporate culture. Ongoing workshops improve knowledge of the workforce.
  • Ongoing learning. Employees have an Increased sense of ownership of the new methodologies and management tools.